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Security Realm Logging in WebLogic 8.1

Want more debugging output than you can shake a stick at? Here’s a tip for enabling debugging output from the security providers. This output is useful when you are developing custom providers or when you are troubleshooting a problem with your security configuration.

To set this up, add the following stanza within the <server> element in config.xml:

<ServerDebug DebugSecurityAdjudicator="true"
      DebugSecurityAtn="true" DebugSecurityAtz="true"
      DebugSecurityEEngine="true" DebugSecurityRealm="true"
      DebugSecurityRoleMap="true" Name="myserver"/>

Change “myserver” to match your server name if necessary.

Then, in WebLogic Server Console, select your server in the applet. On the right-hand side, navigate to Logging->Server and enable debugging by checking Debug to StdOut and clicking the Apply button.

Restart WebLogic to have the changes take effect.

Update: Read Security Debugging in WebLogic 9 for how to do this in 9.x.