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DBMS Security Providers

BEA’s Peter Laird recently wrote an excellent article entitled "WebLogic Security: Configuring the Database Authentication Providers (SQL, Custom, DBMS)." His post describes the following DBMS authentication providers that come with WLS 9 and later:

  • SQL Authentication provider
  • Read-Only SQL Authentication provider
  • Custom DBMS Authentication provider

Peter lays out the technical details of the providers as well as their differences. He then finishes with a SQL authenticator configuration walk-through.

I am surprised to see that he says that when choosing an authentication repository "…you are safest performance-wise with a database backed authentication store." I do agree that databases are typically well-understood by developers but I’d think that an LDAP server would kick the tail of a database in the speed department.

Anyway, that’s a tiny nitpick on an outstanding article. I encourage you to have a look.

I think I’m done gushing about Peter’s article but wait, there’s more! Turns out that Peter is the Managing Architect for the WebLogic Portal team. In the prequel to the above article he wrote "Discussion on WebLogic Security: Authentication Providers, Internal LDAP, JAAS, WebLogic Portal, Profile." This post is a set of fact-filled soundbites concerning Portal and security. If you do portal work you’ll want to have a look at this post, too.